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Music Lessons Instructor

My name is Christina Arthur and I have been a private music school teacher in Jacksonville, N.C. for over 11 years. As a music educator, I create a learning environment that concentrates on the fundamentals of music while making each lesson an enjoyable experience. I achieve this by personalizing structured lessons for each individual student according to their age, current level of musical instrument experience, and music interests.

I've taught students of all ages and skill levels from children learning to play violin to adults taking guitar lessons for the first time. If you have past experience with playing a musical instrument, visit us and we can discuss your future musical goals. If you've never played an instrument before, I look forward to providing you guidance towards becoming a member of the musical community.


At Justian Time Music School we are Veterans who have served and as a retired military family, we understand the hardships of rapid deployments, transferring to a new duty station, and other military duties that can happen at a moment's notice. We will work with you to ensure a convenient time is scheduled for your music lessons. If you've just arrived in the Jacksonville area and had lessons at a previous school, contact us to continue your lessons.

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In the years I've been teaching, my students have taught me that it doesn't matter how you learn as long as you learn. At our Music School, we are a student-centered learning environment and your private sessions are conducted in an encouraging and creative atmosphere. We have your best interests at heart and will ensure each lesson is focused on your musical development. We enjoy helping students start right from the beginning or rediscovering their passion for their favorite musical instrument. Our school offers lessons for both adults and children of all ages and we look forward to providing you the tools you'll need to master your favorite music or creating your own.


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