Music Lessons and early childhood development

Music plays an important role in the life of a child more than most parents could ever imagine. Infants have the ability to recognize the melody of a song and parents often observe their infants trying to move with the beat of song. Parents often ask when is the appropriate age for their children to seek music lessons. There isn’t a specific age but the earlier the better. At Justian Time Music School, we have programs designed for children of all ages to engage them in learning their instrument and focusing on music playing skills as a beginner. Children's attention span and personal interest are key factors in the learning process but early exposure to structured lessons will teach kids valuable skills.

A few of these are focus, reasoning skills, self-expression, teamwork, eye-hand coordination, language development, reading skills, problem solving, memorization, and auditory skills. All these lead to higher test scores and grades in school, while building self-confidence and creativity. Music lessons for your children at our school leads to lasting changes and increases their capacity to perform tasks that require attention to careful listening and reading. Whether your child is interested in guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin or another musical instrument to pursue it as a career or for personal fulfillment, private lessons greatly benefit the new music student.

If your child isn't sure which musical instrument they would like to play, stop in for a visit and we can assist to see what they would be interested in. At our school, we have several instruments ready for your child to try out as shown in our School Gallery. Starting your children early in music will be most beneficial to them at a later age and our instructors at Justian Time Music School are ready to assist them.

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